Sweet 3D Paper Flowers as a gift to welcome spring!

Let’s Surprise Students With 3D Paper Flower Lollipops to Celebrate Spring!

Are you looking for wonderful ideas to celebrate spring with your students? 

Here's a sweet and simple solution: 3D Paper Flower Lollipops!

dress lolopop
3D Paper Flower Lollipops
3d flower card

It's a funny and attractive idea to give these flower-dressed lollipops to children. Kids are genuinely amazed each time somebody gives them a gift — not to mention sweets. 

And this is a low-cost, easy-peasy sweet option to cheer them up when celebration time comes.

When spring arrives, it brings about joy: Birds seem to sing cheerfully, buds start to bloom, humming birds and bees hover from flower to flower looking for nectar and pollen. 

A fresh, sweet scent wafts in the air. I got inspired by this sweetness to make these 3D Paper Flowers to welcome spring and share the joy with my students!

How to do it!


  • Poster board (different colors)
  • Tissue paper (different colors)
  • A plastic pot
  • Sequins and ribbons
  • Cutter, scissors, tape and glue
  • Lollipops

Level of difficulty: easy

Time: 1 hour


Let’s get started!

  • 1st Step :- The first thing we need is the design of the flowers. I’ve come up with some models, but you can create your own and use different sizes.
flowers template
flowers template

  • 2nd Step :- We are going to mark the flower pattern on the poster board. We can use either a cardboard figure as a stencil (that’s what I did) or transfer it directly with carbon paper.
mark the flower pattern
mark the flower pattern

We have to mark some figures on poster board - for the outer layer of each flower and other figures on tissue paper -  for the top layers.

mark some figures

  • 3rd Step:- Once you have the shapes marked, cut them carefully.
cut shapes

You’ll get flowers of many colors and different shapes, as you can see in the picture here:

You’ll get flowers of many colors

Tip:If there’re still some traces of pencil after cutting the figures, you can use an eraser for a better finish.

Now, we’re going to take the tissue paper and cut a circle — 2 or 3 times bigger than the size of the lollipop.

cut a circle
  • 5th Step :- You have to wrap the lollipop with the tissue paper and fasten it to the stick — you can use tape.
wrap the lollipop with the tissue paper
fasten it to the stick
  • 6th Step :- Coming back to the flowers, we’re going to glue the tissue figures with the poster board ones — only by the center.
glue the tissue figures with the poster board ones

Once the glue has dried a bit, we’re going to make a hole in the very center.

Tip: You can use a needle or pointed stick — as in the picture here — to help you.

make a hole in the very center
  • 7th Step :- Once you’ve finished, ‘dress’ the lollipops with the flowers, introducing the stick by the hole you’ve just created. You can use a bit of tape to fasten the flowers to the stick.
‘dress’ the lollipops with the flowers

And your lollipop-flower will look similar to this one:

lollipop-flower will look like
lollipop-flower will look like

An Idea to Present Them

These flower-dressed lollipops are a low-cost option for presenting sweets to kids in an attractive way.

Materials are cheap and easy to get: You can use anything at hand. So here’s an economic and easy idea to present these colorful lollipops.

  • 8th Step :- First, take the plastic pot and turn it over. You have to make little holes on the base — you can use a cutter, but be careful with the cuts.
take the plastic pot and turn it over

A stick would also be of great help— you can use it to widen the holes made with the cutter.

widen the holes made with the cutter

  • 9th Step :- Now, let´s take a rectangle of tissue paper — I chose dark green, since it will resemble the grass. You have to mark the holes of the pot on the paper, as I do in the picture here:
mark the holes of the pot on the paper

Then, we’re going to pierce those points with the help of a stick.

pierce those points with the help of a stick

  • 10th Step :- Before wrapping the pot, it has to have a little weight so it doesn’t stumble. We can fill it with little stones or any kind of solid stuff, like seeds.
have a little weight

Then, we can close the pot and tape the lid.

close the pot and tape the lid

Now, we’re going to wrap the pot.

wrap the pot

You have to place the paper over the base of the pot, trying to make the holes of the paper coincide with the holes of the base.

Then, just wrap the pot with the rest of the paper and paste the ends at the bottom.

paste the paper ends at the bottom.

Your base may look similar to this picture:

base may look like

  • 11th Step :- We can decorate it with whatever elements you wish: You can use glitter, stickers, beads... In my case, I opted for ribbons and sequins.
decorate it with whatever elements

Now, all you have to do is ‘plant’ the lollipops.

plant the lollipops

And this is my result! Sweet and colorful flowers ‘planted’ on a piece of garden.

Sweet and colorful flowers

More Ideas...

You can also use these 3D Paper Flowers for different occasions. Here you have some ideas to make use of the flowers:

  • With lollipops, as souvenirs for birthday parties.
  • On sticks, as centerpieces
souvenirs for birthday parties
  • As souvenirs, either on sticks or with a magnet.
On sticks, as centerpieces
  • In greeting card’s
greeting card’s
  • To decorate the classroom for spring — you can stick the flowers on a corner of the board, for example.
  • To stick on the bedroom window — the effect with daylight is really nice.

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