Who is the Founder of SirCrafty?

Hi Guys, I am P.Kumar. My love for paper craft led to SirCrafty. Here, you’ll find some awesome blossom, easy peasy, and efficient gift ideas.

My ultimate motive is to provide unique craft and gift idea for everyone. Most of the times we all face issues in selecting gifts, and it becomes even harder to pick a gift that falls in the budget. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. My team and I will bring you cost-effective and extraordinary homemade gifts ideas. 

Follow us, collect all those beautiful colorful papers, and look out for some incredible gifts. 

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Why I Started SirCrafty?

I started SirCrafty to give every amateur and scared artist a way to start making paper craft. A lot of people today love to craft, and they would absolutely give anything to make beautiful craft gifts.

However, what stops them? A correct medium. With SirCrafty, these talented people can search their perfect craft, follow the steps, and make them with minimum stationery supply. 

Another great motive behind SirCrafty is to provide gift ideas for people who can’t always buy the best gifts.

It is hard to buy a good gift for so many occasions that keeps popping up one after another. But with SirCrafty’s creative and new ideas, everything becomes a little less of a hassle. And sometimes you can even make a gift in just $10. 

Why I Like to Use Paper Craft for Gifts 

There are multiple reasons for using paper craft as gifts. The foremost and the most important reason is that paper craft is easy to make. Almost everyone can make some folds, and the paper craft will be ready. It is definitely a lot easier than other forms of craft.

Secondly, paper craft supplies are widely available in the market and most of the times you don’t even have to go to the market. You can find some paper in your home only. 

Lastly, paper craft is less costly. However, even after being cost effective paper craft gives you some amazing gifts. Don’t believe me? Check out our website for some interesting and unique gift ideas.

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