Crepe Paper Craft - A Gift That Spread Smiles 

Every one of us has used crepe paper in one way or another. However, to us one of our favorite uses is for decoration. Today I’ll tell you how to make a lovely diary cover from it.

In a few seconds, you’ll see how you can make an extremely wonderful gift for just $5 or even less. Additionally, there are various things that you can make from this crepe paper craft, let’s see how.

Crepe Paper craft diary cover

Difficulty level: Medium

Time Required: One hour (The only reason this craft requires more time is because of the extra glue drying time)

Material required: 

  • At least six crepe paper sheets (Include white if you can)
  • A diary (for which you are making the cover)
  • Three plain white sheets (one slightly larger than the size of the diary)
  • Ruler and a pencil
  • Glue or any other adhesive
  • A pair of scissors
  • A brush
  • A bowl (for glue mixture)
Material required

Every craft becomes unique if you put a little imagination into it.

  • 1st Step :- Take the white sheet of paper and draw a rectangle inside it with a ruler and a pencil.

Note: Do not get stuck with the measurements, just take a ruler, and draw four lines with an approximation.

draw a rectangle inside

  • 2nd Step:- Take the remaining white sheets of paper and cut two rectangles of the size approximately similar to the rectangle in above sheet.
cut two rectangles

  • 3th Step :- Take one rectangular sheet and draw a bird on it with a pencil or a marker.

Tip: You can draw any shape of your choice. Also, use a marker so that the drawing is visible on the backside of the paper, it will help in cutting the shape.

Take one rectangular sheet and draw a bird

  • 4th Step :-  Now, take one color of the crepe paper (I am using blue) and cut small bits from it using scissors. 

Trick: If you are finding it hard to cut with the scissors just use your hands, as it is very delicate. 

cut small bits from paper

  • 5th Step:- Mix glue and water in 3:1 ratio in the plastic bowl that we have taken. Do not mix with your hands! Use a brush for convenience. 

Note: Take glue three parts and only one part water as you do not want to make the glue too watery.

Mix glue and water in 3:1 ratio in the plastic bowl

  • 6th Step:- Take the first sheet that you drew the rectangle on and start pasting bits of blue crepe paper on it leaving the inner rectangle empty.
drawn a rectangle

Tip: Do not worry if a few bits of paper are going inside the inner rectangle or going out of the sheet. We’ll fix this later.

pasting bits of blue crepe paper

  • 7th Step:-  Now take your empty rectangular sheet and start pasting white bits on it. I am using white because we’ll use contrasting colors for the bird drawing. 
pasting white bits on it

  • 8th Step :-  Now take the remaining sheets and cut small bits from them.
cut small bits

Tip: I suggest not using the color you have used for the other rectangle, just to avoid blending of colors. 

  • 9th Step :- Start pasting these colored paper bits on the bird. Again, do not worry about the paper going out of the bird drawing. We’ll cut the remaining bits.
Start pasting these colored paper bits

Note: All these papers will take time to dry. Let all three papers dry completely before moving forward. It may take 20 to 30 minutes.

Let all three papers dry

  • 10th Step :- After the papers have dried completely, cut off the extra edges from blue and white creation. Now, paste white rectangle on the blue creation.
cut off the extra edges from blue and white creation

  • 11th Step :- Cut the bird with the help of the marker impressions on the back side of the paper.

Cut the bird

  • 12th Step:- Paste this bird on the white part of your sheet. Your crepe paper craft is ready!
Paste this bird on the white part

Ways to Use This Crepe Paper Craft

Paste it carefully on your diary cover and cut off the extra edges.

diary cover

Take a thick colored sheet of paper and paste this craft on it. Cut two holes on the top edge and tie a ribbon on it. You can use this as a wall hanging now. 

wall hanging

This way is my favorite. Take a big textured sheet and fold it in half, like a card. Paste this craft over it. Your greeting card is ready. Write some quotations inside, and you are good to go. 

greeting card

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