3 Crepe Paper Flowers Gift - Bright and Brilliant
Develop a Positive Effect of Colored Flora in Your Friend’s Life

Crepe Paper flower gift

Flowers affect and elevate our moods. They make our homes colorful, vibrant and cheerful. Keeping a bouquet in the vases is essential to spread the happiness in our home. Keeping in mind the effect of flora in each one’s life, I now understand why do folks choose to gift flowers for any occasion whatsoever.

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Nevertheless, I also thought of presenting my friend on her first marriage anniversary function with flowers, not natural but handmade-gift of Crepe paper flowers. They are beneficial in keeping the subtle quality of flowers intact.

Three different bright and brilliant flowers that will never fade and will be always be in blossom state, forever scattering blithe in lives. Check out the three variations of easy to make.

Material you will require preparing these Crepe paper flowers

  • Colorful Crepe papers (Flat tone and Multi-colored)
  • Scissor
  • Glue or Adhesive
  • Glossy thread
  • Decorative tape
  • Protractor or rounder
  • Cutter or Blade
  • Protractor
  • A short length metal wire or any plastic string

Time of Preparation: 20 to 30 minutes

Grade: Moderate


We will be preparing three different kinds of flowers from Crepe paper. Crepe paper are light and they have wondrous texture that is amazing in creating the appearance of flowers.

The First One is Appears Like Aster.

  • 1st Step:- To prepare the base, we will use two circle cutouts from another thick paper. Draw two circles of 2-inch radius using a protractor on the thick paper
Draw two circles

Cut the circles by scissors.

Cut the circles

  • 2nd Step :- Now paste a metal wire between two circular cutouts in the center using an adhesive.
paste a metal wire

  • 3rd Step :- Take a crepe paper of your favorite color. I use Cerulean blue. Cut strips of 1 by 9 inch. Prepare 4 such strips.
Cut strips of 1 by 9 inch

  • 4th Step :- Collect all the strips together and fold them.
Collect all the strips together

Cut the edges to create a frayed pattern strips.

Cut the edges

Open all the strips and separate them. They will appear as seen below in the images.

Open all the strips

  • 5th Step :- Stick the first strip on the circle around its circumference. The frayed strips should be on the outer side.
Stick the first strip on the circle

Repeat sticking the strips below the first nearing the center. Stick the third and fourth carefully. The petals of the Aster are ready.

Repeat sticking the strips
Repeat sticking the strips

  • 6th Step :- Cut a tiny circle of another colored paper and stick at the center to form the core of flower.

The beautiful flower of Aster is ready to gifted just like that.

Cut a tiny circle of another colored paper

  • 7th Step :- You can create another Aster of different colors, too.

Marigold is our second crepe paper flower

  • 1st Step :- Pick the orange colored paper. Create strips of 6 by 5 inch. Prepare four such strips.
Create strips of 6 by 5 inch
Create strips of 6 by 5 inch

  • 2nd Step :-  Hold all of them together and fold them in a way that you start in one direction and then on the second side to create creases as seen in the image.
fold them

Take the glossy thread and tie at the center. It will appear like a X-shaped.

tie at the center

  • 3rd Step :- Prepare 3 to 4 strips of same colored crepe paper with folded creases. Paste them above the spot where you have ties the glossy thread at the center.
Prepare 3 to 4 strips of same colored

Coil another strip around the first one .

Coil another strip

  • 4th Step :- Raise the edges of the base structure carefully to deliver it a bushy appearance. The Marigold is ready to be put in the chain of garland.
Raise the edges of the base structure

  • 5th Step :- Prepare more of them in varied colors.
Prepare more of them

The Third One is an Exotic Coral Reef

  • 1st Step :- Take a white paper and fold it in the center.
Take a white paper

  • 2nd Step :- This time you need some multicolored paper that is available in market. Cut a thin strip of 4 cm width. Paste it at the center crease of the white paper using an adhesive.
Cut a thin strip of 4 cm width
Paste it at the center crease

  • 1st Step :- Paste it in such a way that it forms a complete circle. Cut the edge as you are done creating a circular form.
Paste like a complete circle

  • 2nd Step :- Take another multicolored strip of same size as the previous one. Start sticking the strip, just like the previous one but begin little lower than the first one. Refer the image.
Take another multicolored strip
Start sticking the strip

Repeat the procedure using one trip of yet another color. These different colored papers add beauty to the flower.

Repeat the procedure
Repeat the procedure

  • 3rd Step :- As you continue using smaller strips, overlapping the previous strip, you will the find the aquatic flower taking form.
aquatic flower

How to Gift these Crepe paper Flowers

The charming Aster flower could be just gifted like as it is. It will awe anyone you present it. You could create as any as you want and arrange a bouquet and gift it.

Prepare as many Marigolds as you want and pierce the thread through their center to make a garland or dangle it at your threshold to feel like a curtain. Multitude of Marigold could be used to decorate the house or center table, too.

Coral reef flower is the best way to make a fantastic greeting card. How impressive it would be to see a flower blooming when you open a card! You can also paste the flower on a gift wrapped object.

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