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A Great Gift For Children!

Last week, my 4-year-old cousin came to me very excitedly. He told me he had been to an aquarium and he described all the sea animals he had met and the wonderful under-the-sea world he had discovered.

He was fascinated by the experience. So I came with a bright idea: ‘Why don’t I make some type of fish paper craft to give my cousin?’ I imagined his face lit up with joy and I knew it would be a fun gift for him.

fish paper craft

I grabbed some materials I had at home, which inspired me to make the handcraft. The result was a cheerful fish banner for kids to play with or just to decorate their playroom, and I’d like to share the idea with you all.

Level of difficulty: Medium 

Time: 2 hours

How to do it!

  •  Materials: Cardboard, sequins, metallic paper of different colors, tape, glue, scissors, beads, a piece of string, pencils and glitter glue.

Let’s Begin The Fish Paper Craft!

  • 1st Step:- The first thing we need to use is the cardboard. We simply have to draw the silhouette of a fish.

Tip: You can draw one fish and cut it, and then use it as a stencil to draw the rest of the shapes.

draw the silhouette of a fish

  • 2nd Step:- Once you’ve drawn all the fish shapes, you have to cut them.
Cut the fish

  • 3rd Step:- We can now start decorating the shapes. I covered the ‘face’ part with the metallic paper since it gave a fish-like finish. You just have to draw that part on the paper and cut it. The cardboard stencil can be helpful for this.
Decorate the fish

  • 4th Step:- Then, you have to glue the metallic face shape to the cardboard figure, like in the picture here:
glue the metallic face shape

  • 5th Step :- Let’s move on to the body now! This part is great fun since we make use of sequins. I thought this was the perfect material for a fish handcraft since they resemble the shiny scales of fish. 

Of course, you can use any material you want to decorate the fish; the sky’s the limit. It's best to use vivid colors to make a cheerful craft.

Tip: Make sure the kind of glue or adhesive you use is the right one for the materials you’ve chosen.

use of sequins

  • 6th Step:- After decorating all the fish, we’re going to make the banner. Take the piece of string — we used blue waxed thread— and tape it on the back of the figures. 

Tip: You can add colored beads between each fish —I chose blue beads because I wanted them to resemble bubbles.

make the fish banner

And the result may look like this:

Fish banner look like

You now have a cheerful fish banner!

cheerful banner

As I wanted to surprise my cousin with the fish, I thought of an original way to present the gift. So here’s my idea: a fish-tank packaging, which I’m going to teach you how to do.

You will need:

  • A glass jar of a huge size (make sure your fish fit inside of it)
  • Tape and scissors
  • Glitter glue (I chose blue)
  • Bows, ropes and anything you want to use for decorating.

You just have to be careful putting the fish banner into the jar. It will be easier if you use a jar with a big mouth

  • 7th Step :- Display the fish on the wall of the jar—I used a bit of transparent tape to help me hold the figures to the inner surface. This was the result I had:
Display the fish on the wall of the jar

  • 8th Step :- Now, you can decorate the outside of the jar. I used an ocean blue glitter glue to draw waves and bubbles on the external surface of the jar.

Glitter glue combines perfectly with glass, since it adheres easily and gives a magic finish to the craft. 

You can also experiment with other materials to decorate both the inside and outside of the jar —sand and little shells, for example.

decorate the outside of the jar

Finally, you can close the jar and decorate the top of it with a bow, as I did. But you can also leave the top open and add a bow as well. 

And here you have it! An easy and fun fish paper craft full of color and joy to share!

decorate the top of it with a bow

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