Some Gifts Are Filled With Happiness and We Call It Handmade Paper Flowers  

Paper flowers are one of the most trending craft topics these days! Once you get handy with the handmade paper flowers, you’ll automatically come up with your own style and pattern for flowers.

Paper flower

Mixing and matching different colored craft papers, and combining different patterns of petals can give endless possibilities! Moreover, you can gift flowers on every occasion, you don’t even have to think twice.

you can gift flowers on occasion
gift flowers on every occasion

If you do not already love the idea then just check out the list of supplies, collect them all, and follow the instructions!Till we reach the end, you’ll have an amazing gift idea and stunning handmade paper flowers.


  •  Stationary paper – to create the template
  •  Craft paper – 3 different colours
  •  Scissors
  •  Pencil
  •  Hot glue or craft glue

Here we go! Let’s make handmade paper flowers.

  • 1st Step :- Take a square stationary paper (4 inches x 4 inches) and fold it into half 2 times.

Take a square paper
fold it paper into half
again fold it into half

  • 2nd Step :-. Take a pencil and draw a petal pattern on any side of the folded paper. The outer edge of the petal should point toward the open ends of the fold. 
draw petal pattern

  • 3rd Step :- Use scissors to cut the paper along the traced pattern.
cut paper along traced pattern

  • 4th Step :- Unfold the paper. This will be our template for creating the petal.
Unfold the paper

  • 5th Step :- Take 3 square size craft papers (4 inches x 4 inches). Place the template on the top of any one of the papers and use pencil to trace along the sides of the template.
Take 3 square size craft papers

  • 6th Step :- Use scissors to cut along the traced line. Similarly cut the rest of the papers. Now we have 3 pieces of two dimensional 4 petal flowers. 
Now we have 3 pieces of 4 petal flowers

  • 7th Step :-  Now we’ll have to cut out 1 petal out of any 2 of these flowers and cut the last flower into half. Which means now we have – 2 pieces with 3 petals, 2 pieces with 2 petals and 2 pieces with 1 petal.
cut out 1 petal in 2 flowers and last flower into half

  • 8th Step:- Take a 3 petal piece and apply glue on any one of the outer sides of it and join it with the other side. Press tightly to make sure that the sides are glued perfectly. Similarly glue the Rest of the pieces, simply by joining and gluing their outer sides.
Take 3 petal piece and apply glue on any sides
join petal with other side
glue the Rest of the pieces

  • 9th Step :- Take the 3 petal pieces and glue them together, one on the top of the other piece.
Take 3 petal pieces and glue them together

  • 10th Step :- Start gluing the pieces, one on the top of the other one. The ones with more petals should be on the bottom and the ones with fewer petals should be on the top. Try to arrange them nicely to create a beautiful pattern.
Start gluing the pieces, one on the top to other one
create beautiful pattern

  • 11th Step :- Take a piece of yellow craft paper (1 inch x 3 inches) and a piece of black craft paper (0.5 inch x 2 inches). Cut small fringes on both papers using scissors. 
Take a piece of yellow craft paper

  • 12th Step :- Roll the black fringed paper neatly and glue the end. Take the yellow fringed paper, roll and glue it around the black rolled fringe piece. This will be the stamen of the flower. 
Roll the black and yellow fringed paper and glue
stamen the flower

  • 13th Step :- Glue the stamen piece on the centre of the flower pattern.(picture-19)
Glue the stamen piece in center

Done! Wasn’t that fun! You can use this handmade paper flower for many projects, such as decorating a gift box, making a garland or wall art and so on. 

Make sure to try this project and share a picture!

paper flower for gifts

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