Interview With Cat Morley From Cut Out + Keep

Today we are talking to Cat Morley, the founder of Cut Out + Keep blog. Her great work has inspired and educated many of us. 

photo of Cat Morley

Cat Morley, thank you for taking time from your busy life to talk with us, I am a big fan of your work!  

So let’s talk to Cat....

Q. - What are your hobbies other than crafting?

Ans.- I love photography and exploring, so when I’m not crafting, I’m out and about with my camera trying out new places in London. A rule I try to stick to is not to go to the same place twice, which forces me to try out new places.

Q. - What are some of your favorite crafting trends?

Ans. - Last year, I fell in love chalkboard paint and ended up painting everything I possibly could with it. I love the look of the white on black. It’s also great for organizing, so I painted the lids of all the jars in my kitchen with chalkboard paint and labeled them - it makes finding the perfect spice or ingredient a breeze!

Q. - Do you have a favorite memorable moment in your craft journey?

Ans. - My favorite memory was travelling all 50 states in America for our book Around The USA In 50 Crafts Projects. I found so much inspiration in each state and crafted a souvenir or recipe inspired by each. It was a big project and took us six months to see each state but it was an amazing adventure.

Q. - What are your future plans for your business ventures? How about for you personally?

Ans. - This year, I’ve set myself a New Year’s resolution of crafting or cooking one new project a day for the site and I’m hoping this will keep me craftier than ever.

Q. - What inspires you to keep doing what you do?

Ans. - I just love making things - especially if I can craft a gift or treat for someone else. There’s nothing better than surprising someone with something you’ve made!

Q. - Can you tell us a bit more about your craft products?

Ans. - I don’t sell any craft products, I just run Cut Out + Keep, a community filled with free craft tutorials and recipes for our members.

Q. - Are there any new supplies or tools you can’t wait to try?

Ans. - I got a 3D printer for Christmas but so far I’ve only printed a Lucky Cat model. Once I get the hang of how to use it and create my own models, I think it’ll take my crafting to a whole new level!

Q. - How would you sum up your craft journey in one sentence?

Ans. - Start crafting, even if it’s something small and simple, and then see where your imagination takes you!

Q. - Is there anything you find really challenging?

Ans. - Finishing projects, I get lots of ideas and am always excited to start new projects but often get distracted with new ideas before finishing what I’m working on. I have a big bag of unfinished craft projects, so one of my New Year’s resolutions is to make a new project a day for Cut Out + Keep

Thank you once again Cat.....

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