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Hello Ann, Thanks for talking with us. I like your paper projects. Some of your creations which I like most ...... 

Anna Creations
Anna Creations
Anna Creations
Anna Creations

I think in my opinion, you are master in paper quilling jewelry. It’s an honor for me to talk with you. 

Its great opportunity for us, if you share your experience and knowledge with us. 

So let’s ask questions to Ann 

Q - How did you get started? What was the idea behind All Things Paper blog?

Ans. - I began my blog for two reasons... first, as a way of sharing wonderful paper projects made by others that I would come across online and in real life. They were so good, I wanted everyone else to see them too! 

Also I had been quilling (creating designs with rolled paper shapes) for several years and wanted to connect with others around the world who enjoyed the same hobby. 

Q - What are your hobbies other than crafting?

Ans. - I enjoy reading, trying new recipes, and traveling.

Q - What is your favorite craft, like paper, jewelry or fabric craft and why?

Ans. - I've enjoyed many crafts, such as crocheting and embroidery, but combining paper quilling with jewelry making is my favorite. Paper jewelry always surprises people because it's so unexpected.

Q - Do you have a favorite memorable moment in your craft journey?

Ans. - That would have to be the first time I saw quilling. While paging through a magazine - Martha Stewart Living - I was stopped in my tracks by images of beautiful paper swirls and flourishes that seemed to leap off the page. 

They had been placed on edge and I couldn't imagine how that was possible, but I knew I needed to learn! I went to the library, bought a few supplies, joined online groups, and the rest is history. 


Q - What are your future plans for your business ventures?

Ans. - I would like to continue designing new quilling patterns to inspire others to learn to quill. Even though quilling is much more popular than it was even a decade ago, perhaps someday it will be as well-known a term as knitting or sewing.


Q - What inspires you to keep doing what you do? 

Ans. - Seeing a person's eyes light up when I tell them the piece of jewelry they're admiring is actually made of paper is one thing I will never tire of. 

Most don't think quilled jewelry is durable enough to last, but it most definitely is, not to mention it's lightweight and therefore very comfortable to wear as a necklace or earrings.


Q - Can you tell us a bit more about your freebies and other craft products?

Ans. - I have many free tutorials listed on my website for both paper crafters and jewelry makers. Click on the Paper Craft DIYs and Jewelry Inspo tags at the top of the page.


Q - Do you have any tips for beginners?

Ans. - Practice, practice, practice! 

It will take your fingers time to become used to handling small pieces of paper. I remember feeling all thumbs at first, but after a few rolling and shaping sessions, I knew I'd found an enjoyable, and believe it or not, very relaxing hobby.


Q - What are your favorite aspects of your business?

Ans. - Getting to work with so many other paper enthusiasts around the world has been the happiest aspect of becoming a craft blogger and author. 

I gathered quite a few designers together to create projects for my first how-to book, All Things Paper, and went on to write Creative Paper Quilling. My newest title is The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry.


Q - How would you sum up your craft journey in one sentence?

Ans. - Truly satisfying!

Q - If a reader would like to get involved with your organization, how do you recommend getting started? Contacting you via your website?

Ans. - Yes, please visit where you can learn more about the worlds of paper art and paper craft.

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