Interview with Origami Resource Center

Today we are talking to Origami Resource Center. His great work has inspired and educated many of us. 

Thank you for taking time from your busy life to talk with us, I am a big fan of your work!  

So let’s talk ....

Origami Resource Center
Origami Resource Center

Image from Origami Resource Center

Q- How did you get started? What was the idea behind Origami Resource Center?

Ans - Origami Resource Center was started as a way to earn money. This was back many, many years ago and someone had told me that if I made a web site then I can earn money from it. At that time, I had no idea if it would work but I decided to give it a try.

 Q- What are your hobbies other than Origami?

Ans - A long time ago, I had many hobbies: candle making, bow making, knitting, drawing, reading, and writing. I used to read a lot, but as life got busy, I dropped the other hobbies and only had time for one hobby: origami.

Q- Which is your favorite craft like Paper, jewelry or fabric craft?

Ans - Paper craft is my favorite. I also like ceramics but good pottery is difficult to make, it is more expensive than paper, and it takes more space to make and store.

Q- Do you have a favorite memorable moment in your craft journey?

Ans - Some of the origami pieces take many days to complete. I was very happy when I completed Tom Hull's "Four Intersecting Tetrahedral" or FIT. 

I was also very happy when my work was featured on, and some of my origami was in the movie "Dave Made a Maze". It's nice to be recognized. 

Q- What are your future plans for your business ventures? How about for you personally?

Ans - Business ventures include expanding the Origami Craft Store by selling more types, colors, and sizes of paper.

Personally, I would like to practice folding tessellations and learning new forms of origami.  As well, I would like to implement a section on the Origami Resource Center regarding Origami and Math.

Q- What inspires you to keep doing what you do?

Ans - I like it.  I think I do a good job and I take pride in being able to manage a web site that brings people joy and knowledge. 

Q- Can you tell us a bit more about your craft products? 

Ans - A true artist will produce crafts and artwork that are meaningful and unique.  I used to this, but most of these do not sell.  At the end, I only produce craft products that actually sell. 

This means I am more a businessman than an artist. I am sad that my work is driven by finances rather than self expression.  But that is life, you need money to buy food.  Even running the web site takes money for web hosting.


Q- Do you have any tips for beginners?

Ans - Start with easy models.  Don't choose the most beautiful and complex model.  These can be very difficult.  It's better to start easy and build your skills.  I recommend that everyone (beginners and advanced) fold an origami model at least twice.  The first time is a learning process.  The second time is for pleasure and to practice what you learned.


Q- What are your favorite aspects of your business? 

Ans - People email me to thank me for making the web site free and available. I put a lot of effort in making sure the links are working and in general, I think people recognize that this is not magic: it's someone doing the work behind the scenes to fix the broken links.

I like it when people take the time to think, "wow, this is a pretty good web site" instead of taking advantage of "free" stuff without realizing that nothing is really free.

Q- How would you sum up your craft journey in one sentence? 

Ans - The journey doesn't end, it continues as long as you are willing to take the path forward.

Good Luck! Orc

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