Lovely Origami Paper Flowers Gift Ideas

Mix and Match origami paper flowers for a variety of beautiful unique Gifts

variety of beautiful unique Gifts

If you can master these simple origami paper flowers, it will open up a wide variety of gift options. Most times you have the supplies right in your desk or closet. Any paper will work wonderfully from old magazines to printer or origami paper. This allows you to keep the budget at exactly what you need it to be.

origami paper flowers

All of these folds are considered easy, on the origami difficulty scale and can be completed in less than 30 minutes, as you get better at them it will only take minutes for finish multiple flowers. 

To create the origami paper flowers you will need the following:

  •  Paper - any style or color
  •  White Glue or Tape
  •  Scissor
  •  Rule
  •  Pencil
  •  Paper Clips

To create each flower you will start with the same base method. Cut your paper into squares. For large flowers, cut your squares 5x5 inches and for small flowers, cut your squares 2.5x2.5 inches. 

square paper

To fold each individual flower follow the photos below, make sure to crease all of your folds by running the ruler or pencil along the edge of the crease.

Origami Paper Blossom Design

Blossom Design

  • 1st Step :- Take your square and fold it in half.
take square paper

  • 2nd Step :- Bring each bottom corner of your triangle up to the top corner and crease it.
Bring bottom corner

  • 3rd Step:- You now have a diamond. Open the top to create a cup.
create a cup

  • 4th Step :- Bring the two new side corners together towards the inner center. Do not crease! Each side will create a small oval like shape.
Make small oval shape

  • 5th Step :Fold one oval towards each other so you create the pattern of triangle, oval, triangle, oval.
Fold one oval
Make triangle oval
Make triangle oval

  • 6th Step :- Repeat these steps on a total of 4 squares.
Make 4 squares

  • 7th Step :Glue the side of one of your newly folded flower triangles, to the side of another squares oval until you have the 4 squares connected. This will create the half flower, repeat these steps again and you will have a full flower.
create half flower

Origami Paper Buttercup Design

Buttercup Design

  • 1st Step :- Take your square and cut around the edges to create small waves instead of the square exterior. 
create square exterior


  • 2nd Step :- Make one cut at each corner about halfway to the center of the square. 
cut each corner

  • 3rd Step :- Start at one corner and fold one side of the cut behind the other side to begin to create your bowl shape.
create bowl shape

  • 4th Step :- Secure the flap that went towards the inside of the square with glue. Repeat on other 3 corners. Make sure you are always tucking the same side of the corner inside the square to create a uniform flower.  
create a uniform flower
uniform flower

Origami Paper Rose Design

Paper Rose Design

  • 1st Step :Take your square and cut around the edges to create small waves instead of the square exterior. 
make square exterior

  • 2nd Step :- Starting at one corner cut around the square in a spiral towards the center of the square.
cut around the square

  • 3rd Step :- Try and keep each spiral about the same width, once you get to the center end your spiral with a circle, this circle will be the base of your flower.
keep each spiral with same width

  • 4th Step :- Starting back at the outside of our square, began to roll the spiral in on itself, placing a dot of glue on the circle, let the spiral roll loose slightly to create the flower you’d light. (A tighter spun flower is more like a rose bud, while a looser flower is more like a bloomed rose.)
Make bloomed rose

  • 5th Step :- Hold in place while the glue dries. (a few minutes)
glue dries
After glue dries

Once you have the origami paper flowers folded that you want to use for the perfect gift, there are many give them as a gift.

Here are a few wonderful ideas that your friends and family will love. Just use the glue or tape to mix and match the origami paper flowers atop which every paper craft you’d like. 

origami paper flowers
origami paper flowers
origami paper flowers

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