Paper Craft Bag -The Best Thing You Can Give Someone is Memories

Everyone love surprises, simply because they make us happy. So here we are with another awesome-blossom and amazing surprise gift idea, a paper craft bag. This is not just any ordinary paper bag, it is a bag full of treasures. 

This is the paper craft bag

Every now and then, we all struggle to plan a surprise for our loved ones. Some surprises last a day or two, but this paper craft bag holds precious memories that will last much longer.

I adore homemade gifts. They radiate happy memories. They remind of the beautiful times and how much our friends and family love us. 

This particular gift has all the emotions attached, it a perfect thing you can give to someone you love dearly. It can be made with very little time and money. Let’s get started.

Time Required: 15 minutes 

Difficulty Level: Easy

Stationery Supply: 

• A sheet of paper for bag (I am using bright pink)

• A black sheet of paper (You can use a white sheet and color it with a black marker)

• Ribbon (any color)

• A pair of scissors

• Glue or any other adhesive

• Five to six printed paper sheets (You can use plain sheets too)

this is all supplies we need

Craft is a therapy and this paper craft bag heals your heart.

Just remember every craft is unique - use your creativity, and let your imagination fly. 

  • 1st Step :- Take pink sheet (the one you have chosen for the bag) and fold it from the top.

Tip: I would suggest using a thick paper as the bag would not be strong enough with a thin sheet of paper.

Take pink sheet and fold it from top

Now make multiple folds and creases as shown in the picture below, so that you get an envelope like structure.

Make multiple folds and ceases
Make multiple folds and ceases

  • 2nd Step :- Make a swift cut from scissors on the marked areas. After this, fold it to make a clean crease.
Make swift cut from scissors and fold it

  • 3rd Step :- Now make two more cuts as marked in the image. Again, fold to make a crease. Your final structure will look like this.
Make two more cuts as marked and fold to make a crease
Fold to make a crease

  • 4th Step :- Pay attention here. Pull two loose ends on the side together and paste them using glue.
Pull two loose ends and paste them using glue

Do this for both the sides, to get a bag.

Pull two loose ends and paste them using glue

  • 5th Step :- Cut of the extra edges, so the bag is smooth and neat.
Cut extra edges

Fold the upper flap to cover the opened mouth of the bag.

Fold the upper flap

  • 6th Step :- The last step towards completing the paper craft bag is to punch holes on the sides and tie a ribbon to it for the handle.

Tip: You can make the holes with a punching machine, pencil, or even a compass.

Dig holes on the sides
Tie a ribbon to it for the handle

  • 7th Step :- Well, we are not done yet. We are yet to do something extraordinary.

Cut a hat, mustache, and bow tie from the black sheet of paper.

Note: You don’t have to be too particular about these shapes. Cut the shapes with a free hand. Also, make various modifications and try new patterns.

Cut a hat, mustache, and bow tie

  • 8th Step :- Paste only the mustache and bow tie on the bag, and leave the hat aside  for now.

Paste mustache and bow tie on the bag

9th Step :- Cut the broad part at the bottom of the hat.

Cut broad part of hat

Now, paste this broad strip on the bag but only apply glue on the sides. Paste the upper part of the hat on the flap of the bag such that a small portion is coming out of the flap.

Paste broad strip on the bag

10th Step :- Push the upper portion inside the lower broad strip.

Push upper portion inside broad strip

Your paper craft bag is ready.

You must be wondering that’s all? No, definitely not. We are making a surprise gift, and the surprise element is still left.

  • 11th Step :- Paste all the pattern sheets together. I have used plain paper for the last sheet as it will not be visible anyway.
Paste all pattern sheets together

Tip: You can use normal colored sheets instead of this. Even plain white sheets can work.

Cut the extra portion on the first sheet.

Cuting extra portion on first sheet

  • 12th Step :- Fold the pattern sheets in a zigzag manner right where the new sheet starts. Then, paste the last sheet inside the bag with the help of glue.
Fold pattern sheets in a zigzag pattern
Fold pattern sheets in a zigzag pattern

  • Last Step:- Take a strip of paper, attach it to the first sheet, and write on it “Pull me.”
Take a strip of paper and Pull me
Take a strip of paper and Pull me

Lastly, on these sheets, you can paste a lot of pictures, notes, letters, memes, and even small gifts.

paste pictures, notes, letters, memes

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