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The struggle for a beautiful and reasonable gift is real. Today, I’ll tell you how to make a paper craft basket that you can gift to your better half. 

Since the start of time, men always suffer the most for the useless and hopeless gifts that they give to their girlfriends and everybody.

The final paper craft basket

A man just like this, who by the way is my best friend, came to me asking for help. His girlfriend’s birthday was in a day, and he was out of ideas and money.

So together, we put on our work clothes and started making something homemade and cost-effective. I gave him various options, but he was stuck to this one thing, paper craft basket. Thus, that is what we’ll make. 

The final paper craft basket

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Time: 20-30 minutes

Stationery Supply:

  • White Sheet (For the basket)
  • Four colored sheets (For the basket cover, note, frills, and bow)
  • Glue or any other adhesive
  • A pair of scissors
  • Textured tape (Optional)
  • Chocolates and earrings (Not for us, that’s the gift!)
Stationery supply

  • 1st Step :- Cut a circle from the white sheet, dimensions of the circle can vary from 10 cm to 15 cm depending on the size of basket you want to make.

NOTE: you don’t have to take colored paper for this one, as all the white paper will get covered.

Cut a circle 10 to 15 cm

  • 2nd Step :- Draw a small circle inside the white paper and using this as the center cut straight lines till this inner circle. Check the images for reference.
Small circle inside white paper
Cut straight lines
Cut straight lines all sides

  • 3rd Step :- Fold the paper along the inner circle and make a crease with your hands. Now take two flaps of paper on the side and join them using glue or adhesive. Repeat this for all the flaps, and you’ll get a bucket like structure. 
Fold paper along inner circle
Make crease and get bucket structure

  • 4th Step :- Now, cut a piece of colored paper of the thickness and length same as that of the bucket. Paste this strip on the bucket and cut the edges for finesse.
Cut piece of colored paper
Paste strip on the bucket
cut edges for finesse

  • 5th Step :- Take a white strip of paper, the dimensions should be a little smaller than the previous one. Decorate this strip with colored tape.

Tip: You can also use thin strips of paper instead of colored tape. And the pattern can also vary. 

Decorate strip with colored tape
Decorate strip with colored tape
strip with colored tape

  • 6th Step :- Stick your decorated strip on the bucket or basket structure with glue. Also, take a thin strip of colored paper and use it to make a handle. Your paper craft basket is ready.  
Stick decorated strip on bucket
craft basket ready

  • 7th Step :- Obviously, we are not done here, let’s make it interesting. Take the newspaper and scissors, and cut small strips of paper.
cut small strips paper

  • 8th Step :- Place these newspaper cuttings inside the basket and also put your gifts.
Place cut newspaper inside basket
put your gifts
put your gifts

Trick: You can make some modifications too, use a handmade note instead of gifts.

make modifications gifts

Amazing, right? Let’s make paper craft basket even more exciting and beautiful. Follow the instructions below:

  • 9th Step :- Take a broad strip of colored paper and make alternative folds in it, like a frill. Check the image.
Take broad strip

  • 10th Step :- Join the two loose ends of the frill and paste it inside the basket you have prepared.
Join two loose ends
paste it inside basket

  • 11th Step :-This is my favorite part. Most people will advise you to make a bow. However, we don’t like doing mainstream things. 

Take a red sheet of paper and draw a pattern as shown in the image below. After carefully drawing the pattern, cut it using scissors. 

draw a pattern on red sheet

  • 12th Step :- Now, this part can be tricky so pay attention. Make a swift cut on the highlighted ends in the image below.

Make a swift cut

  • 13th Step :- Fold this strip of red paper on the basket and cross the ends we have cut in the above step. You’ll get a heart shaped bow.
Fold this strip on the basket

Tip: Decorate your basket with stones and stickers. You can also use real flower petals so that the basket radiates a soothing aroma

  • 14th Step :- Again, put your gifts inside. You can use a note, flowers, chocolates, earrings, photographs, and anything you like
use gifts
use note,
use flowers, chocolates

Here you go, your homemade gift is ready for merely $10, and if you have some extra money to spare, you can put additional gifts in the basket. 

My friend, of whom I was talking about in the beginning, made a basket treasure out of this paper craft. He brought various small gifts and put it in the midst of frills so that his girlfriend can search for the gifts.

In the end, I’ll just say- "It’s not like you don’t have the talent to make something for your girl, you just lack inspiration."

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