Paper Craft Box Gift - Spread Some Homemade Happiness

Homemade art is one of the best gifts that you can give to somebody. It is reasonable, economical, and has a personal touch.

Don’t worry! I have a great idea for you. Today I am going to make paper craft boxes that you can use both as a gift and as a gift box. 

This is the Final paper craft box

A few days back my niece came running to me and said she needed my help. And I thought ‘Okay, I like helping children,’ so I asked her “Tell me what it is?” 

Believe me. I have never seen this kid sad before. She told me she wanted to gift her best friend something awesome, but she does not have enough money. 

Any normal person would have given her some cash, but I thought we all go through this phase at some point, so why not make something good at home. And this is what we made- A paper craft box. Have a look. 

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Difficulty level: Moderate

Here are the things you need:

  • One A4 sheet for the Box (Any color, I’ll take Blue)
  • One small sheet for the bow (Again any color, mine is light maroon)
  • A photograph of you with the person you want to gift this to. Also, a sheet of paper a little bigger than the size of the photo (This is optional)
  • Newspaper (This is also optional)
  • A pair of scissors
  • A pencil and a ruler
  • Glue or any other adhesive for pasting the paper

Tip: Use bright colors for the box and especially for the bow; it will make your gift look vibrant (like red, royal blue, maroon, or sky blue).

Supplies which you need

Now, let’s see how we can make this awesome homemade gift.

Follow the instructions carefully, and the result will be a fantastic paper craft box. 

  • 1st Step :- Take the blue sheet of paper (or the colored sheet you have chosen) and draw two squares on it. The dimension of the squares can vary depending on the size of the box you want. 

I have taken the first square of 14 cm and the second square of 14.5 cm. Inside both of these squares draw another square of dimensions 2 cm less. 

Remember whatever dimensions you chose, keep 0.5 cm difference in both the squares. Check the image for reference.

Trick: If you get confused with the size of the box, take your gift, keep it on a piece of paper and draw a square around it with rough hands or a ruler. Measure the square dimensions and add 2 cm to it. That will be the best size for your paper craft box. (Let’s say the measurement is 15 cm, then your main squares size is 17 cm).

draw two squares on it

  • 2nd Step :- Take a pair of scissors and cut these squares. 

  • 3rd Step :- Now, it’s time to get to the actual work. Take the scissors and cut the square edges as highlighted in the picture. You have to cut every alternate edge, 1st, 3rd, and so on. 

Cut the square edges

  • 4th Step :- Make a crease along all the lines of the square with the help of a ruler or scissors. Just fold the paper along the pencil lines softly with your hands, then take the ruler and press it firmly against the fold. 
Make a crease along lines on square

  • 5th Step :- Now, put glue on the edges and stick it like shown in the image below. Do this for all the corners and both the squares. 
put glue on the edges and stick it
put glue on the edges and stick it

  • 6th Step :- Keep the two boxes aside and take the maroon sheet (or the one you have selected for the bow). Draw the figures with pencil on the sheet as shown in the reference image. Cut these figures with scissors.
Draw the figures and cut them

  • 7th Step :- Take the spectacle-like cutting and join its ends in the middle; you’ll get a bow like structure. Now, wrap the small rectangle cutting in the middle of the bow. 
Joint rectangle and bow shape
Joint rectangle and bow shape

  • 8th Step :- Take the boxes that we have kept aside and stick the V-shaped cutting on the top of the larger box. And above this v-shaped cutting paste the bow with glue.

stick v shape and bow on box

  • 9th Step :- Your box is now ready. It’s time to put some gifts in it.
Your box is now ready

  • 10th Step :- Cut small bits of paper from the newspaper. Or you can also cut small bits of paper from colored sheets, whatever suits you.
cut some newspaper

  • 11th Step :- Place these small bits of newspaper or colored sheet inside the paper craft box and now put your gift in it. 
put your gift in it
put color paper with your gift in it

  • 12th Step :- Alternatively, if you wish to make a gift entirely at home then take a photograph of you with the person you are gifting this to. Paste it on paper (White or Colored, anything of your choice) and write your note on the back.

Place this photograph inside the box. And your homemade gift is ready!

Tip: You do not necessarily have to use a photograph. You can just place a note or a handwritten letter with some flowers

Place this photograph inside the box

Here you go, your paper craft box is ready. Easy to make and precious to gift!

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