Make this fantastic Paper Craft Butterfly as a gift to surprise your be loved ones!

What a great idea it is to make a Paper Craft Butterfly as a meaningful gift for the ones you love. 

Paper craft butterfly

Do you know what butterflies symbolize?

A butterfly is born a caterpillar: unable to fly, it seems to be confined to the earth world. But suddenly, that worm-like insect becomes a winged one. 

There is a mysterious and fascinating metamorphosis which ends up in a delicate flying being, full of color and granted with freedom. 

Butterflies represent change: transformation of the body as well as the soul — spiritual growth. They are considered a good omen since they embody wishes of wellbeing, joy, expansion and transcendence.

How to do it!

Materials: Square paper (metallic paper is really nice for this model)

Level of difficulty: Medium

Time: 15-20 minutes.

This Paper Craft Butterfly is a model I particularly like for its harmonious shape. I’ve folded it hundreds of times and I tried different kinds of paper and textures.

You can choose any type of paper you want — beware it’s not too thick to fold. I recommend using metallic paper since it’s thin and easy for folding, but also because it gives a delicate finish to the butterfly. 

Bear in mind that being precise with the creases results in a neater job.

Take metallic paper

Let’s begin folding!

  • 1st Step :- The first step is to fold the paper in half, with the color to the outside, as shown in the following picture:
fold the paper in half

  • 2nd Step :- Unfold, and then fold the upper and bottom edges to the center line you’ve just created.
fold the upper and bottom edges to the center line

  • 3rd Step :- Unfold again and rotate the square by 90°.
Unfold and rotate

  • 4th Step :- You have to fold the paper in half to make a horizontal crease. Then, unfold and meet the parallel upper and bottom sides to that middle crease.
Fold paper in half and unfold

  • 5th Step :- Now, we should mark both diagonals. So, open the paper and fold it like 
fold paper like a napkin

  • 6th Step :-After you’ve creased both diagonals, unfold the paper. The color side of the paper should be facing the table, so the back side will look like this:
unfold the paper after you’ve creased

  • 7th Step :- The next step is to bring all four corners to the center. Try to be precise with the creases and you’ll get a nice figure.
bring all four corners to the center

  • 8th Step :- Unfold. Then, bring two opposite sides to the parallel center line, as shown in the pictures:
bring opposite sides to the parallel center
bring two opposite sides to the parallel center

  • 9th Step :- We have to bring the other sides right to the middle. You’ll have two little triangles standing out of the square, like in the pictures here:
Bring other sides right to the middle

Repeat the last step with the left side.

Repeat the last step

  • 10th Step:- Now, turn the model over. Your figure should look like this:
turn the model over

  • 11th Step :- Here, we need to mark a little square. First, align the left and right sides to the middle line. It’s not necessary to fold along the sides, just press at the center of each (where my finger is).
align left and right sides to middle line
align left and right sides to middle line

  • 12th Step :- Now, we should fold two more lines to finish the little square. So we have to push the upper side (see my fingers in the picture) and align it to the horizontal center crease.
push the upper side

  • 13th Step :- Press just on this “pocket” to mark the line:
Press just on this “pocket”

Now, repeat with the bottom side. We you finish, you should have a figure like this (notice the center square you’ve just marked):

repeat with the bottom side

  • 14th Step :- Now, you have to fold the upper side again (the one of the last step). Fold the edge to the middle vertical line. This step can be a little tricky but you’ll find it easier if you look at the pictures closely and compare them to your own model.
Fold edge to middle vertical line
Fold edge to middle vertical line

Repeat with the lower side. You have to create two little triangles, as you can see in the picture:

Repeat with the lower side

  • 15th Step :- Then, collapse the sides so you get a figure like this:
collapse the sides

Tip: If your paper becomes a little thick, you can use an ice cream stick (or any flat object) to help you mark the creases better.

  • 16th Step :- Now, hold the model in the air.
hold the model in the air

Flip the figure and pinch the horizontal center line, just like in the picture:

pinch the horizontal center line

Coming from the center point, there are four short diagonals :

four short diagonals

  • 17th Step :- In this step, you’re separating each wing. You have to put your finger under the “wing” (as I do in the picture) and mark across the diagonal.
separating each wing

Repeat with the other three sides.

Repeat with the other three sides

 And you’ll get a figure like this (front and back pictures):

you’ll get a figure like this
you’ll get a figure like this

  • 18th Step :- Turn the figure to the front side and fold across the vertical center line. Just pinch it strongly.
fold across the vertical center line

  • 19th Step :- Rotate the figure by 90°. You can now identify the upper and bottom wings pretty clear.

Rotate the figure by 90°.

  • 20th Step :- For the upper wings, you only need to identify a line (pointed in the picture) in the interior of the wing and pinch from the outside.

pinch from the outside
pinch from the outside

  • 21th Step :- Now, let’s move on to the bottom wings. Fold the line outwards, as it is shown in the pictures here:

Fold the line outwards
Fold the line outwards

  • 22th Step :- You can see a triangle here. You have to fold the triangle by the half by pinching it like in the picture here:

fold triangle by half by pinching it
fold triangle by half by pinching it

For a better finish, you can curl the straight endings. Finally, we just have to fold the sharp points (marked in the picture) outwards:

fold the sharp points

And the Paper Craft Butterfly is done!

You now have the butterfly, but you’d like to present it beautifully to impress your special person. So here’s a practical and economic idea if you want to give the Paper Craft Butterfly as a gift.

You Will Need for Paper Craft Butterfly Gift

  • Some fishing line or a piece of string (if it’s transparent, the butterfly will seem to be flying on its own!)
  • An empty jar
  • Gift bows
  • Beads or sequins of different colors, stone beads, paper ribbons, stickers, feathers, etc. (Whatever you like most to decorate the inside
  • A needle
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape



  • 23th Step :- Using a needle or a similar object, make a little hole on the back of the paper butterfly.
little hole on the back of butterfly

  • 24h Step :- Tie a piece of string to the butterfly. Glue or tape the other end of the string to the lid of the jar.
Tie a piece of string

  • 25th Step :- To decorate the interior of the jar, just add whatever you want: Beads, sequins, feathers,stickers, confetti or even a piece of synthetic grass. Play with different textures and colors, and let your imagination soar!

To finish the gift, you can top it with a nice ribbon... And here you have it!A fantastic, handmade Paper Craft Butterfly floating in a colorful environment.It’s an original and meaningful gift, full of joy, to give to your special ones.


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