Paper Craft Butterfly - Because Happiness is Inexpensive

Do you often feel like that you are spending too much money on gifts, and your gifts are still not enough?

They are simply not sending out the message you want, that you care.

Well, I have good news. I can help you make something homemade, inexpensive, and amazingly gorgeous. Butterflies are beautiful. Every time we see a kid chirping around trying to catch a butterfly, it leaves a smile on everyone’s face. 

this is the final butterfly card

Therefore, this time I am going to make a special paper craft butterfly so that it can make your gift worthwhile and different. Let’s not waste time and see how we can make this lovely gift card.

Time required: 20 minutes

Difficulty level: Moderate

Things you’ll need:

  • Two sheets of colored paper for butterfly wings (You can use any color of your choice; I am using orange and bright pink sheets)
  • A sheet of red paper for the decoration (you can vary the color for this as well)
  • A white sheet of paper for the card (I prefer white because cards look the most graceful on white, but of course, you can use any color) 
  • A pair of scissors 
  • Glue or any other adhesive
  • Decorative tape (optional)
  • And a black marker

And here we go - below are the steps to make a paper craft butterfly card:

Follow the instructions, use your imagination, and the result will be mesmerizing. 

  • 1st Step :- Take the orange paper and cut two broad strips from it. However, here the trick is to cut one strip a little shorter than the other.
cut two broad strips from paper

  • 2nd Step :- From the sides of the strips, cut a V-shape. Look at the image for reference. Do this for both the paper strips. 
cut a V-shape

Note: You do not necessarily have to use a ruler to make a perfect V, just go with the flow, and make a free hand cut.

  • 3rd step :- Now, pay attention to this part closely. Fold the strips from the center. Use your thumb and forefinger, and press lightly to make a crease.
Fold the strips from the center
Fold the strips from the center 2nd strip

  • 4th step :- Take the pink paper and repeat the same steps as above. However, this time make both the strips a little shorter than respective orange ones. 

The next thing is to cut a semi-circle from the center from where you made a crease. Do not get confused; check the image for the reference.

use different colored papers

Tip: You can use different colored papers for all the strips. I suggest using vibrant colors like orange, red, purple, pink, etc.

  • 5th step :- Take the pink strips and paste them over the orange ones, using glue or adhesive.
pink strips and paste them over the orange ones

  • 6th step :- Now the tricky part, pull the center together and paste it. Do this for both the strips you have. You will have to hold it in place with your finger and thumb for a while so that the glue can dry. 
center together and paste it

Fun Trick: The funny part is I got bored waiting for the glue to dry, so I pulled out a bobby pin, and used it to keep the folding in place. Try it and save some time.

  • 7th step :- Once both the strips are in place, you can stick these two strips together as shown in the picture. 

Again, you can use a bobby pin to hold the folding together until the glue dries. Or you can even use a paper clip. After the glue has dried, your butterfly will be ready.

tick two strips together

  • 8th step :- Meanwhile, take a white sheet of paper and fold it in half for the card. Take the decorative tape and paste it on the sides such that they are crossing each other. 

I said this was optional because you can even cut long strips of colored paper as an alternative and paste it.

Take the decorative tape and paste it

  • 9th step :- Cut frills from the paper you have selected for decoration. Paste this cutting on the card using glue. 
Cut frills from the paper
paste frills from the paper
paste frills from the paper

Tip: Write a nice quotation on the card with a black marker. I have written ‘You are that beautiful butterfly I don’t wanna let go’.

Now, paste the butterfly on the card - and your paper craft butterfly card is ready to make that special someone smile!

final cration

Note: you can make various modifications to this, like by using different quotations or making a bunch of little butterflies and pasting it on the paper. Even you can use pictures as butterfly wings and paste it. 

What are you waiting for? Go make your paper craft butterflies. 

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