Explore Some Paper Craft Ideas with Us
Because Life Without Craft is Boring

When you love to craft, mess and paper become your best friend. We have fantastic, unique, and reasonable paper craft ideas. With Sir Crafty, you can explore new ways to turn your old boring gifts into exciting ones. Let’s see how. 

Normal people make paper crafts for fun, but we have fun while making paper crafts that can be gifted. 

Every time you go out in the market to buy a perfect gift for your closest friend or a loved one, you are flooded with infinite options. However, what is missing here is that personal touch. 

When we were kids, the idea of making a greeting card or a homemade art project filled us with thrill and ecstasy. Our parents on the other hand, literally adored when we used to give them these crafts we made out of what little we had. 

You know why? Because homemade is the best thing that you can give to someone. So our team at Sir Crafty brings you innovative, enthralling, cost-effective, and unique paper craft ideas. 

You’ll find here some really awesome gift techniques that no one else can give you. Come on, join us in our journey.

We Create Something New Everyday-
Today Let’s Make These Adorable Paper Craft Boxes

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Paper Craft Gift Box

There is something unique about every gift, and this box is different because it carries that emotional connection. 

Make this amazing craft at home, spend as little as $5, and bring a smile to someone’s face when you give it to them. I love craft boxes because these little things are so flexible to use. 

Use it as a gift pack, a chocolate bumper, a photo box, or a handwritten note treasure.

When You Join Nature With Art, You Get Paper Butterfly

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Paper Butterfly Gift

During my last vacation, a bunch of butterflies collected just outside my window. When I opened up the glass, they flooded my room. 

That’s when I decided to explore some butterfly crafts. To my astonishment, there is practically nothing that a butterfly can’t adorn, and the craft doesn't cut holes in my pocket. 

I use it everywhere now, from gift tags to butterfly pockets, greeting cards to specialized journals - everything looks breathtaking with a butterfly quietly enhancing the gift.

Paper Craft Bag - A bag full of smiles, that’s what we call it

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Paper Craft Bag

Whenever I used to watch someone on television gifting things in a beautiful paper bag, I used to wonder where to get these in real life. 

Then I dropped the idea of buying these bags because I started making them at home, at a very reasonable price I must say. 

Now that I can have unlimited stock of these bags, I use them everywhere. While gifting jewelry to my mom, a bag filled with little scrolls to my better half, or confetti filled surprise pack to a friend who loves surprises. 

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