Today let's celebrate craft, these paper flower crafts and gifts make everything better

All you need is some colorful paper to spread tons of happiness. There is one thing that everybody loves, and it is flowers. They make an amazing gift, and the ones that live forever are even more special.

Combining cheerfulness of flowers and a personal touch, here we are with some exciting ideas to make paper flower crafts and gifts. 

Construction Paper Flower

This is tough in nature. You must be thinking then why use coarse paper for delicate flowers. Well, the answer is simple, some craft gifts like wall hangings, flower vase require a strong base.

So why not make our flowers robust and beautiful at the same time.  

3D paper flowers

If you want to give a realistic look to your craft, then 3D is the best way out. These flowers have a different and glowing charm that adds a sparkle in every gift.

From flower envelopes to greeting cards, and even baskets everything becomes a little extra graceful with these flowers.

Origami Paper Flowers

Origami means folding paper. This craft has always been the easiest, and I think every child learns this craft as an art activity. Since we all have a strong connection with origami let’s make lovely flowers.

I like to twist this particular craft and make baskets, bouquets, bookmarks and even key chains. You just need some beautiful paper.

Handmade paper flower crafts 

Handmade things always come with a lot of emotions. Even a simple greeting card becomes special if it’s handmade. Therefore, here we are with glowing wall hanging made of paper flowers.

Make some nice bright flowers, mix and match a few lively colors, and prepare this awesome hanging.

Folding paper flowers

Folding crafts are amazing and the easiest. You just don’t have to draw, cut a lot, or get stuck with glue. All you need to do is make some folds here and there, and you have a beautiful looking paper flower.

Also, these are so flexible is use. Make a flower wall clock or a paper bag you have all the options.

Crepe paper flowers

Crepe paper has always been used in making flowers. However, we like to think extra, so here’s a new way to make a wall painting with crepe paper flower crafts.

These are delicate and have the right shine to adorn a wall painting. And the result? You won’t even believe that these are not real flowers.

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