Unique Paper Plate Turkey Craft Gift Card: For Kids!

Is your child thinking about doing something nice for his/her class? Well, if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution, then look no further! It’s true that are many tutorials out there, but I assure you that none are like this one.

Why? Because in addition to looking cute, this paper plate turkey craft even allows you to write a message. See for yourself:

Paper Plate Turkey
Paper Plate Turkey with message

In short, this paper plate turkey craft is like a creative, circular, and customisable gift card. This is a thoughtful and affordable project that you and your child can bond over. You can help your child present these as small gifts to your family members, friends, or each other! 

Many people associate turkeys with being thoughtful and thankful, you might choose to express those sentiments via this creative giftable card OR you could do it any time of the year. 

Personally, I think this is a quirky giveaway that could work any time of the year. This article will show you how simple and cost effective this little gift is to make. Let’s get started!

Creating the Paper Plate Turkey Craft Gift Card

I think you’ll be surprised by how few materials you’ll need for this project.


  • Regular-sized paper plate 

A4 sized colored paper:

  • Green
  • Beige
  • 1 Peach
  • 1 Yellow
  • Glue OR Glue gun 
  • Scissors (which we will only use once) - 1 Pair
  • Pencil 
  • Brown crayon 
  • Black marker 

  • 1st Step :- First off, we’re going to cut off one of the yellow paper’s corners in order to make a small yellow triangle for the beak and save it for later. 
cut off yellow paper’s corners

  • 2nd Step :- Now, for the rest of the yellow paper, fold it in half vertically as shown below. Fold it in half vertically three more times and you’ll end up with your paper looking very thin (as shown below). Unfold it and cut along the lines you created and you’ll end up with strips of paper.
fold it in half vertically
again Fold it in half vertically

  • 3rd Step :- Repeat Step 2 for your orange and peach colored papers. However, we’re going to slightly change things for your red paper. 

Fold your red paper in half vertically (same as you did for the others) but this time, set aside one half for later and convert the other half into strips (exactly as you did for the others). You now have strips of paper for all four colors! Set them aside, we’ll get back to them later.

Repeat Step 2 on your red papers
make strips of peach paper
make strips of different paper

  • 4th Step :- Now, let’s work on the turkey’s face. You’re free to use your pencil to draw the eyes however you want. Some of you might choose to add eyelashes or eye shade if you want the turkey to look more girly. For this tutorial, I just went with simple, neutral eyes.

Note: If you’re making several of these paper plate turkey crafts to give as gifts or if you’re having some trouble getting the eye shape you want, then you can search for cartoon eyes online, print them out, and stick it on the paper plate. However, if you choose to do this, I recommend that you stick the eyes on after Step 5.

draw the eyes on the turkey’s face
  • 5th Step :- Once you’re happy with the shape of the eyes, finalize them with your black marker and then use the brown crayon to colour the paper plate in (while avoiding the eyes, of course). 
  • Personally, I don’t mind having some white spaces left uncolored, but if you want, you can color it in until there’s no more white left.

Note: While it’s true that paint is faster, its wetness could cause your paper plate to warp. This is why I recommend using crayons. Not to mention, when with a child, using a crayon is less messy and it’s even easier to control.

brown crayon colour on paper plate

  • 6th Step :- How are you doing so far? Pretty simple, right? Now, turn your paper plate over and cut from the edge of the paper until your reach the inner circle of the paper plate. For most medium-sized plates, this usually means cuts that are 3.80-5.00 cm (1.5-2.0 inches) long. Make these cuts all around the plate.

Note: I personally think that the narrower the gap you leave between the cuts, the better the final product will be. However, medium-sized gaps (such as the shown in the very beginning of this article) are easier for kids.

cut paper plate from the edge

  • 7th Step :- Now it’s time for the fun part: weaving! Pick one of the flaps as your starting point and apply some glue to it.

Note: I don’t recommend applying glue to the whole backside (especially when working with kids) because the strips of paper will get stuck and end up ruining your hard work up until this point. This is why I recommend initially applying glue only to the starting point and end points, once everything is finalized, you might choose to reinforce it all with glue again, but that’s totally optional.

Now pick a strip of paper (my pattern starts with peach) and place it on top of the starting point with glue. Alternate going over and under the flaps and ta-da, you’re weaving! Keep going until you’ve done all of the flaps.

apply some glue to it
Now pick a strip of paper
you’ve done all of the flaps

  • 8th Step :- Repeat Step 7 as many times as it takes for you to finish the space on the flaps. Remember to change the color for each round and alternate your starting points so that you can get something that looks like this:
Repeat Step 7 as many times

  • 9th Step :- So cute, right? Well, we’re going to make it even cuter. Remember the yellow corner we cut off earlier? Well, we can glue it in the centre as a beak! What do you think?
use yellow corner in the centre

  • 10th Step :- We’re finally onto the final stages of this project. Remember that we also saved half of our red paper earlier? Well, bring it out because we’re going to roll it up with the help of the side of the pencil as shown:
Remember we saved half of our red paper
roll it up with the help of pencil

  • 11th Step :- Once it’s rolled up tight, slide it off the paper and cut a little bit off and stick it onto the paper plate:
  • Fun fact: The red fleshy thing that turkeys have around their beaks is called a “snood”.

cut a little bit off
stick it onto the paper plate

  • 12th Step :- Finally, write a personal message on the red strip of paper that’s acting as our paper plate turkey’s snood. Congratulations! You’ve made a one of a kind paper plate turkey to give to your loved ones.
Finally write personal message on strip

One of the great things about this paper plate turkey craft is that once it’s done, you still have enough materials left to do it again, and I personally think that’s why this craft is so great for when you want to give something to several people while saving money. 

This little gift is all about encapsulating the spirit of sincerity and thoughtfulness of gift-giving and I’m sure that whoever you and/or your child give this craft to will appreciate the sincerity you put into it.

I had a lot of fun making this paper plate turkey and I hope you did too. Write whatever you want on the paper plate turkey! Think of this project as a new, fun, and quirky way to express your creativity and sentiment. Happy paper crafting, everyone!

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