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Tissue Paper Craft

My grandma has always lived in a small house with a beautiful garden, plenty of flowers and plants — and its daily visitors: bees and hummingbirds. But for economic issues, she had to move to an apartment last month.

She’s now in a 7th floor, with just a balcony where she takes care of a couple of flowers. The other day, I visited her and noticedshe felt quite homesick — she was recallingold times spent outside in the garden of her beloved home. 

So I decided to make some Tissue Paper Craft to cheer her up. I made this mandala for her to hang on the balcony, near the flowerpots. And here, I’ll share my idea with you all.


Tissue Paper Craft


  • Cardboard
  • Black poster board (2 sheets)
  • Tissue paper of different colors
  • Carbon paper
  • Cutter, scissors, and glue
  • A piece of string and beads.

Level of difficulty: Medium

Time: 2 hours


Let’s get started!

The first thing we need for this Tissue Paper Craft is the design of the mandala. I wanted to make a hummingbird and flower, which symbolizes a lot to my grandma.

 So here is the template I designed. You can also create your own model — just remember to connect the main figure to the edges of the mandala.


  • 1st Step :- Once you have the design, we are going to transfer it to the cardboard. For this, we have to use a carbon paper. The black line has to be traced as thick as in the figure, or at least both edges of the line (double-line). 

You can help yourself with a paperclip to fasten the template and carbon paper to the cardboard.

transfer it to the cardboard.

Once you’ve finished copying the design, you’ll get a sketch like this:

  • 2nd Step :- Now, we have to cut off the shadowed sections in the following picture (white spaces in the template). 

We need to keep only the outline of the drawing. Try to be neat and precise with the cuts to avoid cutting off the wrong piece..

Tip: The cutter is a great tool for this step, but you can also use a pair of scissors

cut off the shadowed sections

  • 3rd Step :- We’re going to have a cardboard stencil as a result. So, we’re going to mark the pattern on the black poster board.

Tip: It’s really helpful to use a metallic pencil for this step — I used silver.

cardboard stencil

You have to make two black figures, one for each side of the mandala. Once you finish, you’ll get something like this:

two black figures

  • 4th Step :- Now, we’re going to cut off the inside parts again, keeping just the black trace of the figure. This can take its time, but it’s important to be precise and neat. Be patient and it will pay off!
cut off the inside parts again,

  • 5th Step :- And here comes the real fun! Take your tissue paper and decide which color you prefer for the sections of the design. 

Then, cover each section using the tissue paper — mark and cut the shapes and glue them to the black outline. It’s important that we try to avoid wrinkles and make sure the paper is taut.

cover each section using the tissue paper

After covering the whole figure, it will look similar to this:

it will look similar to this

  • 6th Step :- We just have to stick the other outline to the model we covered with tissue. Be careful the black lines match.Here’s how mine looked like:
stick the other outline to the model we covered with tissue

Finally, we have to tie a piece of string to the mandala. I chose a transparent fishing line and decided to add some beads. You can do as you like most!

tie the mandala

And that’s all. We now got a colorful handmade mandala!

handmade mandala

Now, hang it in a well-illuminated place... and enjoy the magic! This was my result:

well-illuminated place

An Idea to Present This Tissue Paper Craft as a Gift

Once I finished the mandala, I thought of ways of presenting it. I wanted it wrapped to impress my grandma when she opened the gift.

So here’s an economic and easy idea to present the mandala.


  • Cardboard
  • Cellophane
  • Bow

First, I decided to cut a circle in cardboard, the same size as the mandala. This serves as a base for the gift - since the mandala is quite fragile - but also to cover the design until the moment of unpacking. 

Then, you just have to wrap the gift in cellophane, pulling the sides up, and tie it all together with a beautiful bow. It’s a simple but attractive packaging.

cut a circle in cardboard
wrap the gift in cellophane

More ideas...

You can also make many of this mandala on special occasions :

  • Birthday parties
  • Baptisms
  • Confirmations
  • Daytime weddings

In turn, this vitraux technique can be applied to other handcrafts: paper cards, souvenirs, kites, to mention some ideas.

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